Notice to bandshell attendees:

Thank for attending and observing our recommendations.

We are following CDC and county guidelines for an experience
with healthy breathing in fresh air with the postive mental aspects
of wonderful music and fun.

Please don’t attend if any of the following apply to you.
1. You are ill or someone close to you has symptoms.
2. You are concerned about being close to others.
3. Your personal medical team has warned you about activities to avoid.

Parking on the north side of the park along both sides of E Washington Street is allowed during a performance. If you plan to sit in the park to enjoy the show, if you are able, please park away from the adjacent parking to allow for those who may not be able to walk very far.  And if you need close in parking arrive early.

We are selling beverages from our concession truck.
We are now selling food and snacks from our new food trailer next to the concession truck.
The proceeds are a vital part of the funding of the entertainment.

We will be ‘passing the bucket’ in a safe manner. Or you can donate directly on the bandshell website donate page with your credit card.


Due to the general concern of the Corona virus, we are conducting our annual sponsorship drive by mail, e-mail and phone contacts. While this may seem to be an overreaction to the current situation, we feel that even the slightest chance of spreading this virus in our community makes this the prudent thing to do.
Please continue to support our free concert program as you have in the past. We feel our musical program is a fantastic asset to Delavan and Walworth County. Our free concerts every week all summer long enriches all of our lives and helps to make Delavan a destination city and a better place to live. We need your support to continue with our mission of providing free, family friendly entertainment to all of our citizens.
Please contribute now. Just fill out the donation form and return it with your donation to:
The Friends of the Phoenix Park Bandshell
P.O. Box 218
Delavan, WI  53115


Jim Beall
The Friends of the Phoenix Park Bandshell

Forms and contribution checks must be received by April 1st  to have your sponsorship acknowledged on our schedules and posters.
$500.00 and up sponsors: Please indicate which group you would like to be the sponsor of.
All contributions are tax deductible.