Many streets have parking and some lots are open for public use.

ADA ONLY PARKING – is now available on the park street corners. Refer to the blue markings on the map for more details

Watch for parking restriction signs along the streets. Most but not all portions of streets can be parked on.

You must have the proper documentation in any lot or street with handicap accessible spots or you will be towed.

Parking on the north side of the park along both sides of E Washington Street is allowed during a performance. If you plan to sit in the park to enjoy the show, if you are able, please park away from the adjacent parking to allow for those who may not be able to walk very far.  And if you need close in parking arrive early.

Please help the Bandshell to remain in good standing with our neighbors.

Park only in designated areas or parking slots.

This includes church parking lots.

Do not park on their grass.

Thank you for your cooperation in this gesture of respect.