We are always looking for volunteers to help with the fun at the bandshell.

Please email Ellen at BandshellVolunteer@GMAIL.COM

Note from Ellen:

Dear Volunteers,

First of all, I would like to thank all the volunteers and helpers that made our first weekend of concerts in the park, such a big success. Our attendance for the two days was well over 400 people. The temperature outside was hot, but so was the music and the fun!

Second, I would like to introduce myself as the new “Action Chair” for the Friends of Phoenix Park Bandshell. My name is Ellen Emmitt. I am a clinical specialist, by profession, and just moved to Delavan about a year and a half ago. I volunteered for many of the concerts last year, so have met quite a few of you, and look forward to serving with many of you this year, for a successful concert season. Thank you so much to Virginia Andersen for all her time and effort at serving as “Action Chair” in the past.

I would also like to welcome our newest volunteers; Karen, John, and Ronnie, and thank them for graciously coming onboard. Karen and John have already been initiated this last weekend.

I will continue to put up a ‘Volunteer’ table with our summer calendar on it, at as many of the concerts as I am able, probably through July 4th. A few of you have already taken advantage of filling in your dates that you are available to serve, guaranteeing your spot at your favorite job to help. Thank you for signing up as early as possible, so you are able to better plan your summer, and we are able to know our scheduling of volunteers in advance, as well. A BIG thank you to Al, who has also included a ‘Volunteer Page’ on our Friends of Phoenix Park Bandshell website.  Any of you interested in volunteering on specific dates, or if you know of friends that may want to volunteer(or friends of friends😁….)….please email me at Bandshellvolunteer@gmail.com.

Al and I are looking into and hoping to coordinate being able to have our valuable volunteers sign up and schedule themselves on-line. This potentially will be a big help, as all of you will be able to see dates and jobs available to just fill in you name by your favorite way to help. We are all created unique, so bring your special attributes, have fun, and listen to some amazing music.

Lastly, I would like to update our list of volunteers ‘contact list’, so if you wish not to receive ‘Volunteer’ information in the future, please let me know by sending me a quick email. Also, if you have already asked to be removed from the list and have still received this email, I apologize, as I did not want to accidently leave any one of you out.

Thank you, and, again, I look forward to serving with you.

Ellen J. Emmitt, 

Action Chair

Friends of Phoenix Park Bandshell