We are always looking for volunteers to help with the fun at the Bandshell.

If you would like to volunteer, please email Mel at BandshellVolunteer@GMAIL.COM

Note from Mel:

Dear Volunteers and future volunteers,

I would like to thank all of the volunteers and helpers that have made the Bandshell a growing success since 2006. Together, we will continue to keep this amazing gem running for all to enjoy.

My name is Mel Davis. I am the new “Action Chair” for the Friends of Phoenix Park Bandshell. I have called Delavan my home since 1991. I have attended concerts at the Bandshell for many years. Now it’s my turn to give back to this fabulous organization that has provided me with years of entertainment and to my community.  I look forward to serving with all of the current and future volunteers. I would like to thank Ellen Emmitt, my predecessor, for all of her time and effort serving as the former Action Chair.

If you are interested in volunteering on specific dates, at specific concerts, or for certain jobs please let me know. If you know of friends or family that wishes to become a volunteer please let me know or have them contact me.

Remember that volunteering makes you happier because:       

  • Volunteering connects you to others.
  • Volunteering is good for your mind and body.
  • Volunteering brings fun and fulfillment to your life.

As an added benefit of volunteering at the Bandshell you will receive the benefits of listening to music:

  • Listening to music improves your mood.
  • Listening to music reduces stress.
  • Listening to music lessons anxiety.
  • Listening to music improves memory and cognition.

This is a serious win-win for everyone.  I look forward to serving with you, Mel        

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